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We offer modern false ceilings made of POP designs known for its flexibility and the great wide selection and design options provided by Plaster of Paris design that can be molded and shaped in any template or design, making a beautiful decorative POP false ceiling.

We also do POP punning. Plaster of Paris Wall Punning is the process of applying thin layers of plaster on the interior as well as exterior walls/ beams/columns. This helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place. If your walls are facing the problems of large undulations or perhaps the plastered surface is uneven, then it is essential to opt for effective Plaster of Paris wall punning services.

The team at Samarth Constructions is led by experienced Engineers and Project Managers who have extensive experience in all types of POP Works. Our team includes designers, site engineers, artists, structural engineers, and project supervisors. They have all received special training in their respective fields.

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