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Jacketing is the process whereby a section of an existing structural member is restored to original dimensions or increased in size by encasement using suitable materials. A steel reinforcement cage or composite material wrap can be constructed around the damaged section onto which shotcrete or cast-in-place concrete is placed.

The form for the jacket consists of timber, corrugated metal, precast concrete, rubber, fiberglass, or special fabric; and may be permanent in some cases. The form must be provided with spacers to ensure equal clearance between it and the existing member. Materials, like conventional concrete and mortar, epoxy mortar, grout, and latex-modified mortar and concrete, are used as encasement materials. For jacketing, the void between the form and the existing member is filled using pumping, tremie, or preplaced aggregate concrete.

Our Column Jacketing Work Includes:

  • Reinforced Concrete Jacketing
  • Steel Jacketing
  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Jacketing
  • Jacket With High Tension Materials Like Carbon Fibre, Glass Fiber, etc.

The team at Samarth Constructions is led by experienced Engineers and Project Managers who have extensive experience in all types of Column Jacketing Works. Our team includes designers, site engineers, artists, structural engineers, and project supervisors. They have all received special training in their respective fields.

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